Business Membership


Have you thought about using video marketing to grow your business?

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Our goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary for you to be successful in using content creation to market your business.

Our annual business membership includes:
  • a generous 30% discount on studio services including room hire, technical support, graphic design and video editing.  We have all the facilities and expertise to make your journey into content creation a smooth one.
  • A guest spot on one of our Studio Podcasts highlighting yourself and your business.  These will be posted on our YouTube and audio channels.  You will come away with video clips to utilise in the promotion of your business.
  • Interactive Studio Social (ISS) – monthly membership gathering.  This is a great opportunity to meet up with other business owners also venturing into content creation.  It is a chance to chat and share ideas, collaborate, and to get advice, tips and support from our experienced content coaches.
  • Supplier discounts.  We have partnered with other businesses supportive of content creation to provide discounted access to their services.
  • 10 hours of email support and coaching.  We are only an email away should you have any questions or concerns, or are in need of advice along the way.
  • Merchandise welcome pack.  A thank you gift from us to you.
  • Quarterly business consultation service.  Your annual membership entitles you to four one-hour consultations with our experienced business consultant, whose speciality is digital marketing and lead generation, looking at a general strategy review and exploring growth opportunities for your business.

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